Workshop Overview


The Engaging With Difference® workshop reveals why we hit roadblocks in discussions, and what we can do about them. Too often, when we disagree we either double down on making our point or we withdraw. The missing piece is a bridging process where we explore the experiences and context of the other to better understand why our perspectives differ. We may still disagree but we are unlikely to vilify the other, and we can find areas of mutual understanding from which to build.

The full workshop is divided into segments, and each segment builds on the next. Participants learn techniques to explore someone else’s frame of reference and create the structure for building bridges of understanding. Most importantly, participants gain skills that elevate any interaction, conversation, or relationship.

An introductory session (90 minutes) is offered periodically to the public; it can also be scheduled for specific groups at a designated time and location. The introductory session playfully explores what happens when we assume everyone has the same frame of reference. We often believe that when we share information we also share the attendant meaning or significance, but the meaning we ascribe is greatly influenced by our frame and our experiences. Effective communication, in any setting, pivots on being able to explore, understand, and work with frames of reference—our own and those of others. This session offers effective strategies to make any interaction more connected and meaningful. Join an upcoming event today.

Subsequent segments are created and customized for pre-arranged groups. These sessions delve more deeply into authentic dialogue with thought-provoking discussion and practical applications. The sessions strengthen skills for making interactions more effective and productive, which leads to creative problem-solving and viable outcomes.

What participants are saying!

“Great flow and organization of very complex concepts.”
“Excellent concepts; very helpful.”
“Wish it had been longer!”

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"When reasoning about the minds of others, we underestimate their complexity, depth, detail, and richness."

Nicholas Epley
Professor of Behavioral Science, Univ. of Chicago